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Any personally identifiable data submitted to us through forms on the web page are handled according to the laws of European Union.

Through forms, we collect the following data that can be considered sensitive:

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Company names

Additionally we may acquire personal data through email in either the email message itself or attachments in the email. Examples of such emails are job applications, general questions, quotation requests. Rocsole assures that this data is handled only by the personnel who are essential to the process related to the subject of the email; job applications are handled only by the personnel reponsible for the recruiting process, general questions are answered either by the customer service or a technician and quotation requests are handled by the sales personnel of Rocsole. Rocsole does not store the data longer than deemed necessary, e.g. job applications and related attachments after the position has been filled.

Rocsole also collects transcripts of chats conducted through the chat widget provided by on Rocsole’s web site. These transcripts are regularly deleted after a suitable channel outside of the chat widget has been established i.e. the conversation has moved to email communication.’s GDPR compliancy statement can be found here.

The data listed above will be handled by:
Rocsole Ltd
Kauppakatu 20
70100 Kuopio

The purpose of collecting the data is to provide quotations, answers to technical questions, offers or any marketing campaign related material to the people who have submitted the aforementioned information.

Rocsole does not sell or distribute any information to 3rd parties. The data is handled and stored according to national legislation and GDPR. You may review the collected data by contacting


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Type Provider Description Cookies Info
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You can set or change your consent regarding other than strictly necessary cookies here:

To review or have your data removed from our systems, contact or
Rocsole Ltd
Kauppakatu 20
70100 Kuopio


We deny any responsibility regarding 3rd party websites that can be accessed through our website. The policy described on this site does not extend to the sites or services of 3rd parties, and we cannot control the contents or purpose of any assets supplied from the 3rd party site or service.


We may use the data gathered from forms (Newsletter subscription, Request Sensors and Request Services) to conduct further email marketing to selected businesses if the person has agreed to receive future offers from Rocsole.

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