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The global open source initiative

Greendustry 2030

Shaping the future in climate impacting industries one car "off the road" at a time.

Pekka Kaunisto

If Oil and Gas operations can be seen as Cleantech challenges, this opens the doors to sustainable profits.

Pekka Kaunisto, CEO ROCSOLE

Our one main and only KPI:
Till 2030 get 5.4 million cars off the road.

Shaping the future in climate impacting industries one car "off the road" at a time.

The fast-track to carbon reduction is through operational improvements to industrial facilities. This can be facilitated with better insights. Also, we intend to engage other companies to contribute with additional initiatives, as an open sources solution: Let's together remove at least 25 million CO2 from industrial activities.

Let us give 7 intense years.

Let us globally and across disciplines join forces to shape the future of climate impacting industries from within.

We Humans...

massively overrate what we can do in a day, week, month, year.
And we also massively underrate what we can get done in 7 years.​

Why this matters so much to us

Our company is based in Finland, a country where nature is still the dominant force in everyday life.

This is probably what makes the Rocsole team especially aware of how important it is to preserve safety for nature and for human advantage.

Our Leverage Partners

Together we create an open source cocreational environment.

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