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Priscilla Frempong, Quality Assurance Officer, Rocsole

Non-conformance Reporting (NCR) a necessary evil?

By: Priscilla Frempong, Quality Assurance Officer, Rocsole

As a quality assurance officer, I have been asked a couple of times whether it is a good thing (or not) for a company to implement NCR process and how we (Rocsole) motivate our team always to report NCRs (specifically deviations/errors made by employees); putting aside the fact that the implementation of an NCR process is a standard quality requirement for companies.

I mean! who loves to tell their employer or team their mistakes? so I understand when people come forward to ask such questions. As human nature, one may see it as a form of showing their inexperience in their job and others fear that it can put their job at stake.

Who loves to tell their employer or team their mistakes?

Rocsole has over a year or two, seen the positive outcome of implementing an effective NCR process and creating an environment where employees are motivated to be transparent in their tasks without fear of it being used against them. The studies in the trends of our non-conformance reporting results have guided us to make positive and impactful changes in our business process and employee interactions. We owe this great success to both our customers and employees.

Additionally, we are currently undergoing massive product and process improvement which we believe will give us a higher competitive advantage.  Our team is equipped with diverse problem-solving experience which enables us to perform effective Root-Cause Analysis and implement effective corrective and preventive (future) actions. We have resolved into ground-breaking solutions we believe will make us the King in level measurements. Our mouth-watering new features in our application will produce accurate real-time insight of what is being monitored. Our great team are being equipped with the right tools to produce quality products and services.

I say NCR is a necessary evil

Aside the fact that it is massively required by companies to implement an NCR procedure, I say NCR is a necessary evil because I see it as undesirable for employees to willingly expose their faults (even when they fix it themselves) and companies to be receiving complaints from their customers BUT, must be accepted/implemented because this is a key ingredient to achieve quality products and services offerings. I believe effort should be put into ways of motivating employees to be transparent as well as be cautious whilst working and also, on how to effectively handle claims from customers.

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