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Case Studies

Rocsole has conducted comprehensive case studies how to tackle common problems in process industry. By overcoming these challenges, our customers have been able to create significant savings by reducing production costs or deferred production, extending maintenance intervals or by gaining valuable insights about the process itself, helping to improve existing procedures in process design and maintenance.

Case Study: Emulsion Watch Sample Tests

A series of samples were succesfully tested using Rocsole’s Profiler and Emulsion Watch.

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Case Study: Outotec’s FeedGuard Product Applies Rocsole’s Tomographic Platform

Outotec® FeedGuard, based on the electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) is capable of detecting even the smallest variations in the feed mixture.

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Case Study: Smart Pipeline Deposition Monitoring with Deposition In-Line Inspection Tool

Rocsole’s Deposition In-Line Inspection tool has grown from a proof-of-concept to the biggest breakthrough in in-line deposition monitoring solutions.

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Case Study: SSAB Utilizes See Beyond Technology to Reduce Production Loss

SSAB Raahe plant introduced new innovative technology to extend the cleaning interval for process pipes – The solution brings significant cost saving and improves the process reliability.

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Case Study: Interface Detection and Water Content of Oil Measurement in Oil Refinery Storage Tanks

Rocsole succesfully field tested a new, accurate tank monitoring procedure for detecting emulsion thickness and water content inside large storage tanks at a refinery.

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Case Study: CABB Improves Decantation Process of Organic Fine Chemicals

In collaboration with CABB, Rocsole developed a tomographic monitoring system that images the reactor vessel phase boundary in the outlet pipe live during the decantation.

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