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Introducing the remarkable Team Rocsole

Rocsole is proud to present its team, consisting of 9 highly skilled professionals. Combination of these skills and rock solid attitude enable Rocsole to offer unique hard solutions to its customers and other business partners.

Anssi Lehikoinen, CEO

With his experience of building and leading fast growing start-up companies in a global environment and with his strong technological background, Anssi has an excellent knowledge in growth business development, financing strategies, and commercialization of new technology in international markets. Besides leading a successful start-up, Anssi is finishing his Ph.D. studies at the University of Eastern Finland and is a board member of Talentree. Prior to Rocsole he worked for Numcore and ABB.

Pasi Laakkonen, CTO

Pasi is a serial entrepreneur in the field of tomographic measurement instruments. His core competences are positioning of the new innovative products into emerging global market, productization, and technology based sales. He has also been active to gather venture capital funding into new businesses. Pasi has been working in several business development positions for Numcore, Technopolis, Outotec, Saint-Gobain and also as a research director at the University of Joensuu. Pasi has a Ph.D. in Physics, specializing in micro-optics and nanotechnology.

Arto Voutilainen, Senior Technology Manager

Arto is responsible for mathematical modeling and developing computational solutions for electrical tomographic imaging techniques. He has extensive experience in the field of inverse problems and mathematical modeling, which were his specialties during his several years of work as researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. Arto also holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Kuopio.

Heikki Hyvärinen, Technology Manager

Heikki takes care of the optical designs and other optics, both diffractive and conventional, related tasks. He has extensive background on scientific research work in the field of micro and nano optics. Heikki holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Eastern Finland, where he has worked several years as a researcher and teacher. He also has commercial R&D experience of the optical devices from WaveTrace Photonics Ltd.

Jouni Hartikainen, Technology Manager

Jouni is part of the technology team developing the imaging and control software for Rocsole’s products. He has extensive experience in computational methods related to statistical signal processing, data analysis, and machine learning. Jouni has a M.Sc. in Computational Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, and is currently finishing doctoral dissertation on statistical signal processing and machine learning at the Aalto University, where he has previously worked as researcher.

Pasi Kvick, Project Manager

Pasi manages on-site installations and is responsible for mechanical design projects. In his previous work as a project engineer in Suntekno Ltd and as a process controller in OC-System Ltd, he has built a strong knowledge in mechanics, process technology, and project coordination. He has a degree of B.Eng. in Information Technology from the Savonia Polytechnic, Varkaus.

Tero Korhonen, Project Manager

Tero manages on-site installations and coordinates electronics design projects. Based on his prior experience, mainly in technology start-up companies, Tero has built a high competence on electronics design, FPGA design, and project coordination. He has a degree of B.Eng. in Information Technology from the Savonia Polytechnic, Kuopio, majoring in Telecommunications.

Noora Räsänen, Business Development Manager

Noora’s specialty is commercialization of technology and business development, mainly from a marketing point of view. She has previous experience on technology start-up marketing, branding, and business development from Numcore and she has worked in the field of international sales and marketing for Stora Enso and Outotec. Noora has a M.Sc. in Business and Administration from the University of Eastern Finland, majoring in Marketing and International Business.

Tarja Pikkarainen, CFO

Tarja is a highly skilled expert in corporate finance, human resources, and general administration. She has been responsible for these functions in several technology start-ups, such as Numcore, Jurilab, Pharming, and Environics. In addition, Tarja worked as a financial manager for Jätekukko during the early years of the company and has experience from various executive secretary positions. She has degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the Commercial College of Joensuu and has a Diploma in Business Administration from the Marketing Institute, Helsinki.

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