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Mepeco represents Rocsole in the Italian market

We are happy to announce that Rocsole and Mepeco have signed a sales representative agreement allowing Mepeco to represent Rocsole’s products in the Italian market.

Mepeco has been operating successfully since 1978 as exclusive agent and distributor company for Principals that do manufacture and supply equipment, instrumentation and services for exploration, drilling, completion, production, transportation and refining of Oil & Gas as well as for fields of marine research & ocean engineering. Mepeco’s sales team is highly skilled and motivated and is always available to assist clients in all of their needs and requirements, both commercially and technically.

For more information about Mepeco, visit:

Mepeco contact person:

Roberto Balistrieri

Managing Director

Tel: +39 02 55700685/539

E-mail: r.balistrieri[at]

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