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CEO of Rocsole Ltd Wins Two 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine Awards

Mika Tienhaara, CEO of Rocsole Ltd, has received two accolades in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.

The awards identify and celebrate the most respected executives and business leaders from around the world, across a wide range of business sectors and industries. Unlike many other business awards that celebrate organisations as a whole, here the emphasis is on the outstanding individuals at their helms. The aim of the awards is to give these individuals the recognition they deserve, while encouraging others to achieve similar successes. Mika Tienhaara was the outright winner in two categories; ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year – Finland’ & ‘Most Innovative CEO in the Oil & Gas Industry’.

The oil and gas sector is continuously under scrutiny. From the impact of oil prices on national economies to the pressures of climate change, the list of challenges is long and complex. Technology offers a range of solutions to these problems, but the industry has been slow to adopt new ways of working. As a fierce advocate for technological innovation, Mika Tienhaara is at the forefront of the revolution, inspiring many others in the process.

Until Rocsole Ltd entered the market, leaders have struggled to weigh up the pros and cons of adopting new technologies in an industry that’s been working perfectly well for years. The motto until now has largely been "if it ain’t broke don’t fix it", but with environmental, financial and safety issues becoming more prevalent by the day, it was time for a radical change. With Tienhaara’s passion for innovation and deep understanding of how to implement changes in a positive way, Rocsole Ltd has been able to deliver products to the oil and gas sector that are delivering impressive returns for their clients and partners.

Rocsole’s range of solutions include separator, pipeline and tank profiling solutions that are based on providing operators with a way of accurately measuring the changing state of substances within the equipment at any given point, leading the way for digital transformation for the next level of operational excellence. Using electrical tomography, Rocsole solutions are able to carry out forensic analysis of what is happening in the equipment, facilitating crucial adjustments in the process to ensure that risks and carbon footprint are reduced and effective production is kept at the highest levels of efficiency.

Speaking to Business Worldwide Magazine, Tienhaara said, "At Rocsole there is a great emphasis on our people, who are the beating heart of our company. Our passionate team is committed to change, and dedicated to pursuing our aims. As we grow, it’s crucial that we keep supporting our people and bringing new experts onboard to join us on our journey.

An article on the company can be found on the Business Worldwide Magazine website:

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ROCSOLE– See Beyond Technology. Rocsole Ltd ( is a Finnish high-tech company that develops SEE BEYOND tomographic imaging systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. Customers are able to get accurate online data in order to optimize their processes for major savings in operational costs – Use Cases show on millions of Euros in savings.

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