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Rocsole focuses on comprehensive preventive pipeline maintenance

Rocsole expands its operations from an industrial measuring equipment developer into a service provider of process industry pipeline performance optimization. The company focuses in particular on measuring services developed for answering the needs of preventive pipeline maintenance. This means for example ensuring the functionality of pipelines, valves and pumps through the scanning of pipes for scale buildup and corrosion. On the basis of the scanning results a measuring sensor network for detecting corrosion and scale buildup can be installed to the customer’s risk areas.

The corrosion and buildup in pipelines is an extensive problem in the process industry which causes significant costs each year. With Rocsole’s solutions customers can achieve major cost savings through the optimization of pipeline cleaning cycles and the dosage of scale inhibitors. Rocsole’s greatest growth potential lies especially in the oil industry, and in the mining and chemical industries.

The expansion of the company’s operations brings changes to its organization. Former CEO Anssi Lehikoinen takes up the position as full-time Chairman of the Board of Rocsole Ltd and focuses on the realization of the company’s growth strategy. The other members of the board Ltd are Timo Vartiainen and Tommi Lindbom. Vartiainen and Lindbom will be bringing to the board experience in growth entrepreneurship in a global industry.

Pasi Laakkonen will become the new CEO of Rocsole Ltd with a focus on developing international sales and key account management, and leading the daily operations of the company. COO Marko Stark will concentrate on productization and production ramp-up, and will lead the operative functions of Flowrox Automation. The executive team will also include CTO Arto Voutilainen and CFO Tarja Pikkarainen.

The sales of Rocsole Ltd consist of a replicable tomographic platform for customized new applications. Rocsole has currently 13 employees in Kuopio and a co-owned subsidiary Flowrox Automation together with Flowrox Ltd, a growth company from Lappeenranta, Finland.

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