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Rocsole’s Pipe Deposition Scanning Technology Secures Shell Investment

Rocsole has successfully completed an additional funding round which was led by Shell Technology Ventures (STV). The additional funding injection from STV allows Rocsole to expand its product portfolio with a smart deposition pig sensor that enables efficient deposition monitoring of a customer’s entire pipe network from the inside.

”Roscole’s smart pig sensor could change the way we inspect subsea pipelines by allowing us to quickly obtain flow and deposition insights using their non-invasive and accurate analytics,” says STV Managing Director Geert van de Wouw. “Their tomographic imaging techniques mean that measurements can be conducted from inside the actual pipe without damaging or disturbing it. Technology that can reduce down time and optimize production is critical for Shell operations, both for on- and offshore.”

Rocsole Chairman Anssi Lehikoinen says: “We are excited to work with a strategic investor who understands the business value and competitive advantage of a tomographic approach in industrial imaging. STV recognizes the need of preventive maintenance enabled by accurate pipe deposition monitoring and identification that Rocsole offers through its solutions based on a patented electrical tomography platform.”

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