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The benefits of using conductivity profiles for industrial process control

Heavy industry and manufacturing processes are data starved and lack actionable insights, while the amount of run-to-failures are a major challenge in industries, leading to downtime, financial losses, and excessive carbon emissions. To improve industrial performance and accelerate decarbonization, the patented technology and solutions from Rocsole are an essential part.

Our measurement principle is based on the application of low voltage injection to our smart sensor device, which is installed in situ in the process flow. From the measurement of currents, we calculate the tomographic images based on which the vertical conductivity profile for the actual processing equipment is estimated.

Based on the conductivity profile, the various interface levels of e.g. gas/oil, oil/emulsion, emulsion/water, water/solids can be visualized. Our conductivity profile brings our customers valuable benefits – our main products, the SoliDetect and LiquiDetect allow for real-time monitoring of solid levels and water levels, which are key for proper processing and good product quality.

Level interface is decided by using a threshold value which is only one point of the profile at one time. By understanding the conductivity profile, you can see many more data points at one time, which helps to get a complete picture of what is happening in your process. Our system collects nearly 1 million data points per day, which is typically more than 1000 times more than other incumbent technologies, and with more comprehensive insights and robustness.

From the conductivity profile, the gradient in conductivity is visualized, which explains the homogeneity of emulsion, e.g. water content of emulsion or salinity of water upon conductivity changes.

The measurement is very fast, and in line with your process. It is updated with real-time data. By utilizing the conductivity profile, asset operations can see or even predict problems in the process and enable solving bottlenecks. Improve your processing efficiency and start using the conductivity profile and the other features we provide to learn to understand your process for your information and corrective actions.

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