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Asvotec Is a New Rocsole Representative

ROCSOLE is a Finnish technology company established in 2012. With our advanced software solutions and sensor technology to provide tomographic imaging and real-time monitoring of process flow e.g. full level profiling, emulsion and deposit mapping.

ASVOTEC has been acting for more than 50 years in Brazilian Market brings (downstream, midstream and upstream) in strong team to support Sales and Customer support.

ASVOTEC and ROCSOLE have formed a partnership to bring the production optimization solutions from ROCSOLE to the Brazilian as well as South American markets. Jointly the companies will be able to serve the Oil&Gas operators to enhance the operational decisions with the innovative SEE BEYOND technology for process insights and real-time monitoring. The solutions can also be used for downstream, chemical industry, pulp&paper, mining, electronics, cement industry and many more.

Brazil has many mature fields and challenging offshore production, the possibility of fitting ROCSOLE sensors in upstream facilities (pipelines for deposit and sand watch, separators for emulsion watch and level profiling) will help the operators to run their operations more efficiently.

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